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meals by genet

Posted by vegetablediaries on June 22, 2009

veggie combo

veggie combo

meals by genet! you shouldn’t even waste your time reading this drivel.. just go and NOW (although they are closed on monday and tuesdays)! this is by far the greatest ethiopian restaurant i have tried.. because i am vegan i haven’t tried the meats, however i hear that those are quite amazing, too. but we won’t talk about that here. i have tried the tofu tibs (cooked in oil, not butter) and those are down right fantastic, too.

if you don’t like the injera (bread), you can order your veggie with rice. its not officially on the menu but i have a gluten-free friend who has done it quite often. although this meal is intended to be shared, i have on many occasion finished it solo! remember to say hello to genet when you pass by the kitchen to wash off your hands!

veggie combo injera belly

veggie combo injera belly

Meals by Genet
1053 S. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 938-9304

3 Responses to “meals by genet”

  1. […] food was really good, although my favourite ethiopian restaurant lives in the city of angels– Meals By Genet. anyways, i’ve had my share of not liking Colucci’s for various reasons from service to […]

  2. actorsdiet said

    i’m going tonight! can’t wait!

  3. neighbor said

    how about a new post?

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