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i am.. cafe gratitude

Posted by vegetablediaries on July 29, 2009

i am whole from cafe gratitude

i am whole from cafe gratitude

i would love to be whole again, and again and again and again. i visited cafe gratitude in healdsburg, california (there are other locations in SF and the east bay) with a friend and had no idea what this place was about or that i would be further seduced by the “i am” mantra. i really wasn’t sure about this place, but my friend reassured me that i must try it. we both ordered the “i am whole” which is a lovely bowl of shredded kale, sea vegetables, kim chee, and sprouts in a garlicky-tahini sauce with terriyaki almonds! YUM. cafe gratitude is raw vegan but they also offer quinoa and rice, which i think is quite nice. i like quinoa so i went with that; my friend ordered a red rice and quinoa combo. good choice.

lets just get right to the dessert!

i am bliss from cafe gratitude

i am bliss from cafe gratitude

“i am bliss” is a chocolate-hazelnut mousse pie. it costs around $9.00 and is so worth it!! its all raw, vegan and gluten-free, too. my friend got the “i am cool” which is a minty chocolate chip shake and so worth $10.00!

the staff at cafe gratitude were very friendly.. almost scarily so. beware, there is always a question they will ask at the end of your meal for you to ponder.. our question was “what time is it?”

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