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babycakes NYC.. and soon to be in LA

Posted by vegetablediaries on August 3, 2009

babycakes nyc bakery

babycakes nyc bakery

i ate all of my babycakes before i could take a picture… but! here are a few photos of the bakery. for those of you who haven’t met a babycake, well, they are one of the most delectable, toothsome, baked treats i have ever tried. they also happen to be refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan, and kosher! so, there is something for everyone. and don’t let all those allergy-free warnings scare you… these are some serious sweets. i love the cinnamon toastie and lemon poppyseed teacakes. the agave brownies are also outstanding! the owner, erin mckenna recently published a babycakes nyc cookbook and it has been so fun to play with. i encourage everyone to try. gluten-free baking can be really tricky but its definitely worth the results!

oh! los angeles will soon be in luck! babycakes nyc is coming to downtown LA. you can read more here:

babycakes nyc bakery

babycakes nyc bakery

cute t-shirts for sale

babycakes nyc t-shirts

babycakes nyc t-shirts

not everything is gluten-free, so inquire which products are safe to eat if you have any gluten or wheat sensitivities.

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