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manzanita restaurant- organic vegan macrobiotic cuisine

Posted by vegetablediaries on November 15, 2009


carrot soup from Manzanita

i recently visited Manzanita Restaurant in oakland after hearing how wonderful and fresh it is (in addition to being vegan and macrobiotic). i must say it is wonderful and fresh, and quite affordable at $11.95 for a moderate meal, which includes a medium-size bowl of soup. however, i was really put off by the grain portion of the meal, which in the picture below is a mixture of brown rice and quinoa. the texture seemed awkward and too mushy for words, but everything else was quite a delight. the vegetables were flavourful, and not what i would expect from a macrobiotic restaurant. i also enjoyed the atmosphere. there is plenty of outdoor seating, and inside you can seat yourself.


moderate meal at Manzanita

the moderate meal is a good size, but if you’re feeling extra hungry they also offer a full meal for $13.95. my plate featured brown rice & quinoa mush (i will forgive them), black beans, spring salad, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and dinosaur kale. i think the sauce was ginger-based, and everything was gluten-free. this place is a winner! i didn’t try any of the desserts but they seemed to have a lot going on. oh, and the menu changes daily.

Manzanita Restaurant
4001 Linden Street
Oakland, CA 94608

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