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more things i miss from NYC: sahara’s turkish restaurant

Posted by vegetablediaries on November 16, 2009

falafel plate from Sahara's

a weekday lunch at Sahara’s Turkish Restaurant is probably one of the best values and overall excellent lunch experiences i have had in NYC. i think i paid around $13 for a four course meal, which included the most heavenly bread in the world! yes, the world! the servers were all very prompt and professional and easily tended to my vegan needs. here is what i ordered:

*eggplant salad (wow! this is incredible… you will want more! i like to scoop it up with the bread.)
*mediterranean salad sans the cheese (again, wowo! i think they use a lemon vinaigrette, it’s so fresh and tangy.)
*falafel plate (i’m usually full by the time my main lunch comes around thanks to the bread, but who cares, i’m going in.)
*baklava (they told me this is vegan… it is seriously sweet.)

they will also serve you turkish coffee or tea, but i’m well past my food coma at this point and decline.

eggplant salad from Sahara's

mediterranean salad from Sahara's

baklava from Sahara's

although Sahara’s is quite meaty, there are plenty of vegan items to choose from. some things are even gluten-free, but always ask to be sure!

Sahara’s Turkish Restaurant
513 2nd Avenue (29th & 2nd)
New York, NY


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