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burgers, tiramisu, and lots more: a mary’s secret garden adventure

Posted by vegetablediaries on March 6, 2010

tiramisu from Mary's Secret Garden

you can never ever ever go wrong with Mary’s Secret Garden! although i’ve only eaten there a few times, every time has been such a pleasure. you can find my older post on Mary’s here.  i think this is probably my favourite vegan restaurant in southern california. i think i want to tell everyone i know to eat there. i think i’m going to start talking about my dinner now.

we started off with a small order of the fresh thai spring rolls. mmm, you have to order these! julienned carrots and cucumbers, basil leaves, smoked tofu and lettuce all wrapped up in rice paper, and served with a spicy peanut sauce. these are probably some of the best fresh spring rolls i’ve ever tasted (note: i’ve had many many fresh spring rolls!).

the secret burger--mary style at Mary's Secret Garden

for dinner i ordered the thai yellow curry stew, which included stewed kabocha squash, carrots, potatoes, red onions, ginger and basil leaves in a creamy curried coconut sauce. they offer a choice of protein and i went with the tofu. again, i think this thai yellow curry is seriously one of the best i’ve tried! it was seasoned to perfection and topped with lots of fresh cilantro, which i love! my only complaint, if you even call it that, is that it tends to cool down right away. they served it steaming hot but after a few minutes it tended to cool off. but that didn’t keep me from enjoying it. i actually could only finish half of it because it was so big, but i just ate it for lunch today and it was still so delicious!

my friend ordered the secret burger–mary style. oh my lord. i’m not a fan of burgers but this thing was tremendous! we are talking homemade secret sauce, grilled soy patty, melted cheeze (which i’m not a fond of, but it really tastes like cheese), lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onions, and tempeh “bakin.” i think when you order it “mary style” it includes extra sauce, pickles, avocado, and tempeh. it was crazy delicious! it also comes with a good size salad.. it was a caesar salad and off the charts good!

raw cherry ice cream at Mary's Secret Garden

we were both pretty full from dinner but the desserts sounded too heavenly to resist. the cake of the day was tiramisu, and it was the best tiramisu ever! i was expecting it to be heavy and espresso-ish but quite the contrary! it was light and fluffy and had notes of cinnamon, almond and vanilla. it’s not always available but if you see the tiramisu on the menu you must try it! we also tried the raw ice cream du jour, which was cherry almond chocolate something something. it was very yummy, too. the cherry flavor was so rich, and they drizzled chocolate sauce over the top and added slivered almonds for good measure. oh man, what a meal. thank you, Mary’s Secret Garden!

i went back the following day with my not so vegan-friendly mom. we both ordered the burgers (i got mine sans the cheeze) and they were just as tasty as ever. the side salad was mixed greens with a really lovely vinaigrette dressing. my mom was really impressed and wants to go back for more. although my last couple of meals weren’t gluten-free, Mary’s is very gluten-free-friendly and they also have many raw options. everything is clearly marked on their menu.

their menu isn’t posted on their website so here it is for you to see:

mary’s secret garden menu

Mary’s Secret Garden
100 South Fir Street
Ventura, CA 93001

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things i miss from nyc: installment two

Posted by vegetablediaries on July 30, 2009

dosa man making up dosas in his dosa cart!

dosa man making up dosas in his dosa cart!

the dosa man has stolen my heart and the hearts of many others who frequent this shrine o’ dosas. located in washington square park at west 4th street, thiru, the dosa man will make you “purely vegetarian vegan” dosas, uttapam, samosas, and more. his most popular item is the pondicherry special, but i tried the simple sada dosa with sambar and coconut chutney. it really wowed me. thiru puts so much love and pride into his cooking; its very enjoyable to step aside and watch him take orders, create meals, and smile. what a friendly man! everything is cheap.. and t-shirts are for sale!

thiru, the dosa man

thiru, the dosa man

the sada dosa is a plain dosa. its basically a crepe made with fermented rice and lentils. you have a choice to make it spicy or not.

sada dosa with sambar and coconut chutney

sada dosa with sambar and coconut chutney

dosa man telephone: 917-710-2092

and what a lovely way to to end your dosa meal.. walk over to STOGO ice cream!!

stogo coconut vanilla and coconut chocolate ice cream

stogo coconut vanilla and coconut chocolate ice cream

oh man, stogo is the best dairy-free ice cream i have ever tried! its so rich and creamy, and their flavors are quite unique. how about vanilla goji berry crunch… the coconut vanilla and coconut chocolate are my favorites. most of the ice creams are soy, coconut, or hemp based. feeling sad? has nyc rained on your day? stogo makes life so much better. be warned, it can turn into an expensive habit but its so worth it, i think. i can’t wait to go back! babycakes nyc cupcakes and cookies are also for sale here, along with gourmet chocolates.

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