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Posted by vegetablediaries on November 16, 2009

blackened tempeh burger from Seed

it’s a little bit difficult to find parking around Seed’s venice location, but if you’re on your bicycle or walking (which, hopefully you are) around the beach path then you might want to stop in for a quick bite at Seed. there are so many vegan and vegan-friendly eateries cropping up around los angeles these days! Seed offers ‘macrobiotique’ vegan cuisine brought to you by chef eric lechasseur. you might know him from his famous cookbook, “love, eric,” and he’s also been featured in many notable magazines. he also did a second cookbook with his wife, sanae suzuki titled, “love, eric & sanae.”

the food: i only tried the blackened tempeh burger with sauerkraut for $9.95. i thought it was average as it didn’t send my tastebuds singing. call me crazy but for ten dollars i was expecting more. it was filling but it wasn’t really what i had in mind for a blackened tempeh burger. i needed more flavour and i would have enjoyed more sauce because it seemed too dry. however, i would still go back to Seed to try other things. their menu includes salads, soups, one-dish grain bowls, paninis, curry bowls and desserts. i appreciate the philosophy at Seed, which you can learn more here.

1604 Pacific Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

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manzanita restaurant- organic vegan macrobiotic cuisine

Posted by vegetablediaries on November 15, 2009


carrot soup from Manzanita

i recently visited Manzanita Restaurant in oakland after hearing how wonderful and fresh it is (in addition to being vegan and macrobiotic). i must say it is wonderful and fresh, and quite affordable at $11.95 for a moderate meal, which includes a medium-size bowl of soup. however, i was really put off by the grain portion of the meal, which in the picture below is a mixture of brown rice and quinoa. the texture seemed awkward and too mushy for words, but everything else was quite a delight. the vegetables were flavourful, and not what i would expect from a macrobiotic restaurant. i also enjoyed the atmosphere. there is plenty of outdoor seating, and inside you can seat yourself.


moderate meal at Manzanita

the moderate meal is a good size, but if you’re feeling extra hungry they also offer a full meal for $13.95. my plate featured brown rice & quinoa mush (i will forgive them), black beans, spring salad, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and dinosaur kale. i think the sauce was ginger-based, and everything was gluten-free. this place is a winner! i didn’t try any of the desserts but they seemed to have a lot going on. oh, and the menu changes daily.

Manzanita Restaurant
4001 Linden Street
Oakland, CA 94608

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m cafe de chaya- mmm, dessert

Posted by vegetablediaries on October 6, 2009

carrot cake from m cafe de chaya

carrot cake from M Cafe de Chaya

it’s officially fall in many parts of the world, except for maybe here in southern california.. and to celebrate i ate a slice of carrot cake from M Cafe de Chaya! i must say the people at the M patisserie really know their carrot cakes. although i found the frosting too sweet, i enjoyed the walnuty, raisiny, autumny warmth of this dessert. i also bought a gingersnap cookie but i ate in the car while driving home! the cookie was crisp but it also had a nice chewiness from the molasses and raisins. i quite enjoyed it. there are so many sweets to sample at M Cafe. they do tend to sell out of things in the early evening so be quick if you need a dessert fix!

carrot cake from M Cafe de Chaya

carrot cake from M Cafe de Chaya

M Cafe also serves up great non-dessert items like sandwiches, salads, sushi (they do serve fish but none of their products contain dairy), wraps, and more. they call themselves contemporary macrobiotic cuisine; however don’t let that scare you away, the food is tasty! i visited their location on melrose but there are other locations in culver city and beverly hills.

M Cafe de Chaya
7119 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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